Hydrogen Supply and Transportation using Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers


HySTOC comprises 5 partners (including 2 SMEs, 1 industrial and 2 scientific partners) from 3 European countries (Finland, Germany, The Netherlands).

The partners represent all relevant stakeholders, from knowledge providers (CRT, VTT) through technology providers and manufacturers of hardware Hydrogenious LOHC, HyGear (HGNS, HYG) to the end-user that will deploy LOHC for H2 transport for its HRS roll-out Woikoski (WOI). As such the project partners cover the entire value-chain from storage module manufacturing (HGNS), via H2 purification (HYG), release module manufacturing (HGNS) to the end-user (WOI). The project will thus foster each commercial partner’s business interest and business model.

Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies GmbH (HGNS) Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies adds the missing link to high-performing hydrogen value chains globally. Based on its proprietary and proven Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) technology with Benzyltoluene as carrier medium, Hydrogenious allows for superior, flexible hydrogen infrastructure, that supplies consumers in industry and mobility across the globe by utilizing conventional liquid-fuel infrastructure.

HyGear B.V. (HYG) is a Netherlands based gas supplier (H2, N2, O2), supplying customers by using its proprietary on-site generation systems and tube-trailer delivery for optimal economics and reliability to the customer. Currently 25% of sales are generated from sales to Hydrogen Refuelling Stations in Europe and the US while HYG is further expanding in Asia. In addition to gas supply, the company offers gas purification systems (Hy.REC®) featuring its own proprietary pressure swing adsorption QCycle® (V)PSA.

Established in 1882, Oy Woikoski Ab (WOI) is a Finnish family-run business and a forerunner in development of the gas and chemical industry, offering its clients a wide range of comprehensive solutions and services related to gas distribution, from cylinders to large-scale distribution systems. WOI invests heavily in hydrogen technology (incl. HRS) and strives to demonstrate concretely that it takes its responsibility for the future seriously.

Oy VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT) is a state owned and controlled non-profit limited liability company established by law and operating under the ownership steering of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. VTT has 20 years of fuel cell R&D experience and a strong focus on hydrogen quality issues.

The Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering (CRT), headed by Prof. Peter Wasserscheid, at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) deals with the topic of chemical energy storage since 2009. The institute is a pioneer in the LOHC technology with major scientific contributions to LOHC-specific catalyst development, reactor optimization and process development. These developments are documented by more than 30 publications, more than 50 conference contributions and more than 20 inventions on the specific topic of hydrogen storage using LOHC systems.